FAQ - How to integrate a countdown to my website with iframe?

Watchisup.com allows you to create your countdown and share it, but also to integrate it on your website!
This will be useful for you to indicate to your visitors the start or the end of an event (beginning of sales, end of promotion code, opening site, ...).

This step can be done if you are the administrator of your site and have access to the modification or edition of HTML code.

After you have created your counter and once on the page of the counter, a multi-tab sharing module appears at the back of the page.
Click on the "Integrate" tab. A form appears allowing you to customize the colors of your countdown.
Intégration du compte à rebours avec l'onglet Intégrer

Change the background color and text color by choosing them using the color selection tool.
Personnalisation du compte à rebours avec l'outil de sélection de couleur

Then use the generated iframe block in the last field by copying / pasting it into the HTML of your site.
Change the size of the iframe to fit the content to be displayed by changing the values of the width and height attributes.

Now you are ready to integrate a countdown to your site!

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