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Genres : Adventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle
Platforms : PC (Microsoft Windows)

PIGROMANCE is a love story of a female pig born with the fate of becoming a sausage.

It contains the adventure of a female pig heading to a sausage factory to achieve love.

A sausage factory that makes delicious sausages.

Pigs with cut lines are raised inside the fence.

When the pigs gain weight, they are slaughtered and turned into sausages.

Because this is a sausage factory.

The slaughterer who manages it works to slaughter pigs.

He catches the fat pigs and cuts them into pieces in the shape of a cutting line. And cut meat is used as a sausage ingredient.

The factory where sausages are made consists of a breeding room, a smoking room, a blood plasma room, a freezer, and a packing room.

One day, the story begins with a male pig appearing on the farm.

You play the young sow and progress through the game.

Numerous challenges await inside the factory. We hope you will overcome the difficulties by using the characteristics of the sow pig.

And please fulfill the love of the young pig.

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  • When "PIGROMANCE" release date will take place? Video game event "PIGROMANCE" release date will take place from Friday, June 18 2021 at 00:00.
  • How many days until "PIGROMANCE" release date? There are 5 days until "PIGROMANCE" release date.
  • How many weeks until "PIGROMANCE" release date? There are 0 weeks until "PIGROMANCE" release date.
  • How many months until "PIGROMANCE" release date? There are 0 months until "PIGROMANCE" release date.